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Milena is a licensed Architect with MS in Lighting,  specialized in holistic healing with lighting.

17 years of practicing lighting inspired by Nature, breathable, transparent, and luminous;

dozen of pilot applications simulating natural conditions of Nature light to restore people; 

using lighting as a tool to calm and relax spaces, for people to self-center and begin to heal.

Fascinated with living things and natural environments, and with inter-connected flow of spaces and people; Milena studied and integrated knowledge from far-out disciplines as Biomimicry, Biophysics, Quantum Physics, Psychology, and Consciousness to help people stay healthy in body, mind, & soul. 

Upon receiving her Master in Architecture, Milena studied at the Lighting Research Center, RPI in

Troy, NY;  where she learned about lighting technologies, design, physics, human factors, leadership, and work with social responsibility for human wellbeing.  She certified as Architect in CA in 1998, and received her MS in Lighting from the LRC in 2001; before practicing lighting for human wellbeing. 

Milena persistently pursued Healthy Lighting and making environments healthier for people,

publishing papers, presenting at conferences, teaching at universities, and practicing lighting.

Back in 2003 she created the first pilot application of circadian lighting or Biomimicry modeled

by Nature's principles of health; in 2005 she published on Lighting for the Visual, Circadian, and Perceptual systems; in 2009 she coined the term Lighting Bio-Dynamics and advised Philips Lighting to pursue lighting health in markets.

She is the culprit who advocated for smart wireless controls and spectral changes for circadian lighting;  and has found new insights by observing Nature's unifying, loving, and subdued spirit; reversing course and recommending simplicity, fewer controls, Less is More and Simple is Better

in lighting for wellbeing.

Milena , stayed focused on People's wellbeing and in designing lighting applications, invariably has asked the question "What is in it for People?"; advising industry to base decisions on human health.

She taught as Faculty at UC Berkeley Extension; at University of Oregon; and at Honors College of 

Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon where she resides. Her teachings are in Lighting for Human Wellbeing and Lighting Biomimicry; for design solutions inspired by Nature.

From 2014 to 2017 she was a judge for Lighting Strategies, affiliated with LEDs magazine,  evaluating new LED products and controls before their release in markets. Her work experience is as diverse as her research studies. She worked for a major Architectural Lighting Design firm in New York City (Brandston Partnership); for Johnson Controls balancing efficiency with human factors; for Traxon LED Technologies; and for the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, CA training in design, controls, LEDs, and policies.

Milena integrates far-out disciplines such as Psychology, Neural and Cognitive responses, Quantum Physics and propagation waves, and Consciousness. Her belief is that holistic or "whole" lighting will provide the optimal environmental conditions for people to flourish and reach their full potential.

Milena currently lives in Corvallis, Oregon and can be emailed: