Lighting Biomimicry 

   Nature Principles for Healthy Lighting




2003 pilot circadian lighting, RPI, NY

Biodynamics and living lighting  

improve human health

All spaces, small and big, are important for people to relax and be healthy. I use simple patterns of light from Nature.

My lighting applications and solutions are based on research design, technology, psychology, neural response, physics. 

Nature is 100% healthy and a source for self-centering, healing, and regenerating

Healthy Lighting  improves our physical, circadian, mental, and emotional state.

Simplicity is the use of Less is More in lighting, that is healthy and sustainable.

Milena Simeonova,

Architect, MS in Lighting,  LC


National Council on Qualifications

for the Lighting Professions; 

CA Board of Architects; 

Faculty UC Berkeley Extension; Courtesy Faculty OSU, OR

Environmental Council at the

Center for Health Design CHD

​​Lighting Solutions

#1 Lighting Patterns from Nature
Our environments feel tense and

chattering, overwhelming our senses.

We need calm and nurturing places,

and lighting that is inspired by - Nature!

#2 Healthy Places for People
Lighting and particularly LEDs, have hidden risks for health. We need to use people centered technology for - Health!

#3 Frugal creativity or Less is More 

Using fewer fixtures that are placed

strategically in spaces, is not only

healthier, it also provides  - Sustainability!